Pine Labs Benefitwise Reloadable Food Card Terms & Conditions

  1. This document sets out the Terms and Conditions (T&C) applicable to the Pine Labs Benefitwise Relaodable Food Card issued by Pine Labs.
  2. Pine Labs Private Limited (Pine Labs) has been granted an authorization to issue prepaid payment instruments by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).
  3. Pine Labs have a co-branding agreement with Earnest Data Analytics Pvt Ltd (Earnest Data Analytics) to issue Pine Labs Benefitwise Foodcard issued by Pine Labs - (Cards). These Food cards are distributed by Earnest Data Analytics to employees of its Corporate Clients for using it only for the purpose of purchasing food and non-alcoholic beverages
  4. The T&Cs are available on These T&Cs may be updated from time to time at the sole discretion of Pine Labs. The Small/ Full KYC PPIs Cards are reloadable PPIs which are issued and operate in accordance with the RBI Master Directions, as amended from time to time.
  5. The entity who purchases Full KYC PPIs is referred to as the Purchaser. The beneficiary who finally uses the Full KYC PPI is referred to as the PPI Holder. 1. All Reloadable Food Cards shall be valid for period of 5(Five) years and shall remain valid till the date mentioned on the face of the Reloadable Food Card Card. The validity of the Reloadable Food Card may be extended, or a replacement card may be issued on expiry, upon request from the Purchaser or the PPI Holder subject to applicable fees and at the sole discretion of Pine Labs and Earnest Data Analytics.
  6. The Reloadable Food Cards can be redeemed at any of the websites and offline locations which accept RuPay instruments. However, there are certain Merchant categories, as listed at wherein the Reloadable Food Card cannot be redeemed.
  7. The Reloadable Food Card can be redeemed at any of the merchant websites and offline locations which accept RuPay instruments and have the below Merchant Category Codes(MCC) .
    1. 499,5814,5812,5441,5462,5422,5451,5411,5811,5399,5311,5331,5310.
    2. The Purchaser and the PPI Holder acknowledge that the balance on the Reloadable Food Card will be used only to make payments for purchase of food and non-alcoholic beverages at the Participating Merchants outlets with the approved MCC.
    3. The Reloadable Food Cards cannot be resold, transferred for value or redeemed/exchanged for its value in cash by the PPI Holder. Cash withdrawal facility is not available on the Reloadable Food Card Card.
    4. One Reloadable FoodCards will be issued per PPI Holder, identified by unique mobile number.
    5. This Reloadable Food Cards will only be issued by Pine Labs on request of the PPI Holder and distributed by Earnest Data Analyticsto the PPI Holder on agreeing to these Terms and Conditions (as updated from time to time) and also successfully fulfilling the eligibility and Know Your Customer(KYC) criteria as defined by Reserve Bank of India.
  8. Full KYC PPI feature.
    1. The amount loaded per Card cannot exceed Rs. 2,00,000/- (Rupees two Lakh). The amount outstanding per Card at any point of time shall not exceed Rs. 2,00,000/- (Rupees Two lakhs). Subject to applicable RBI Master Directions, Pine labs may set periodic transaction limits to the Card at its sole discretion. This limit is applicable at the user level and is across all the programs issued by Pine Labs.
  9. Small KYC PPI feature
    1. The amount loaded per Wallet during any month shall not exceed Rs.10,000 (Rupees Ten Thousand) and the total amount loaded during the financial year shall not exceed Rs.1,20,000 (Rupees One Lakh and Twenty Thousand). The amount outstanding per Wallet at any point of time shall not exceed Rs.10,000 (Rupees Ten Thousand). This limit is applicable at the user level and is across all the programs issued by Pine Labs.
  10. The PPI Holder hereby acknowledges and agrees that if there are no Transaction for a period of one (1) year from activation on the Reloadable Food Cards, subject to validity of the Reloadable Food Cards, the Reloadable FoodCards shall be made inactive by Pine Labs / Earnest Data Analytics by sending a notice to the PPI Holder.
  11. The Reloadable Food Cards can be closed at any time and the balance funds available in the Reloadable Food Cards can be transferred ‘back to source’ (payment source from where the PPI was loaded) at the time of closure. The purchaser of the Reloadable Food Cards should write to to understand the refund process.
  12. If the PPI Holder information provided by the Purchaser or the PPI Holder is found to be incorrect at any time, the Reloadable Food Card Cards in question is liable to be cancelled and the entire amount forfeited, and no claims in respect thereof will be entertained by Pine Labs/ Earnest Data analytics.
  13. The limit for contactless transactions will be as prescribed by RBI.
  14. The PPI Holder shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Pine Labs/Earnest Data Analytics from and against any and all third party liability, losses, costs and expenses (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) relating to or arising out of the breach of these terms and conditions, the negligence or misconduct or fraud by the Purchaser, or its employees or agents.
  16. The PPI Holder shall inform Earnest Data Analytics, by contacting the Customer Care at 8700181782 or email at,, within 10 (Ten) days of occurrence of any transaction, if any irregularities or discrepancies exist in such transaction or if such PPI Holder has any query or complaint in relation to the Transaction including for any unauthorised transaction. If Earnest Data Analytics does not receive any information to the contrary within 10 (Ten) days of occurrence of any Transaction, it shall be entitled to assume and proceed on the basis that the relevant Transaction(s) was effected without any irregularity/ discrepancy. Subject to the foregoing, all transactions as aforesaid shall be dealt with in accordance with the Customer Grievance Redressal Policy of Pine Labs. Which can be accessed at . PPI Holder can reach out to Pine Labs via email at or by contacting at 0120–4033633 for any complaints and escalation as per its grievance redressal policy. These Reloadable Food Card cards will be distributed by authorised Earnest Data Analytics personnel only.
  17. All fees, surcharges, goods and applicable taxes with respect to Reloadable Food Cards shall be borne by the Purchaser or the PPI Holder. Pine Labs/Earnest Data Analytics shall have no liability towards the same. There may be surcharge applicable on certain card transactions. In such an event, the same will be deducted from the card balance available in the Card at the time of transaction. In case the Reloadable Food Cards balance is not sufficient to provide for the surcharge the transaction shall be declined.
  18. Any Reloadable Food Cards that have been deactivated can be reactivated only after validation and due diligence.
  19. Any change of PPI Holder credentials like mobile number, e-mail, etc. will have to be communicated by the Purchaser only. The PPI Holder cannot request for any changes directly. PPI Holders can check the available balance of Small PPIs by logging in on the Website and Mobile App.
  20. Any dispute in relation to the Cards shall be referred to [*] and the decision of Pine Labs shall be final in this regard. Any disputes and claims in relation to the Reloadable Food Card Card shall be subject to the laws of India and the jurisdiction of the courts at New Delhi.
  21. For detailed terms and conditions, please visit